Free Finance

About the Course

Free Finance is a free course that offers a comprehensive tutorial of how to begin investing, with a focus on long-term value investing. To navigate through the course, use the sidebar to select different sections and lessons.

Many courses offered online are behind an expensive paywall and do not always offer sufficient material. This course aims to provide the knowledge every investor should hold before they start investing, at no cost to the viewer.

The material from this course originates from the lessons learned by some of the most well-known and successful investors of all time. This includes lessons from shareholder meetings, books, and interviews with successful investors.

Feel free to share this course with whoever wishes to view it. Our goal is to spread this information as widely as possible to protect people from inaccurate information and regretful spending.

Although this course is free to view, we are accepting donations if you feel the course was helpful. On top of this, we provide links to popular charities. If you wish to donate, you can click here to redirect to the Donate page, or click the hyperlink in the footer of the page.

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